Sandeep N. Setty, A Trusted Financial Advisor To Business Owners

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey as an entrepreneur.

I am Sandeep N. Setty, a Financial Advisor to business owners aiming to engage in inter-generational planning for lasting wealth. Not only do I want to be just another entrepreneur, but I want to stand out by being the most prestigious businessmen’s go-to guy when they think about managing their finances. No doubt, a challenging path, but one through which you can make people’s lives better.

About a year ago I embarked on what I consider the project of my life. Previously, I spent a long time learning from the lessons and secrets of my mentor, Dr. Sanjay Tolani, the top-most agent in the world based in Dubai. Like any good entrepreneur, I started with little experience and a lot of technical knowledge, and throughout my professional development, I have been polishing my strategies and expertise to offer the best service to my clients. I consider myself charismatic, inspiring, and affable but, above all, efficient in what I do. I strive to be the best.

Why did you choose entrepreneurship over a job?

Of course, the first thing that crossed my mind is to join a stable project that allows me to pursue my objectives. However, I realized that, for different reasons, my vision didn’t align with that of most companies, and I am so demanding with the details that I considered that the only way to reach my goal was to take control of all decisions. Every failure would be my fault, but every success would be thanks to me. And, from the beginning, I intended to hit more than I missed. And, indeed, so it has been.

In addition, as I am getting started in the thrilling entrepreneurial world, I am discovering that I work with more passion, enthusiasm, and devotion to being my own boss. Every challenge, every difficulty that you are forced to face alone is, in itself, the motivation to keep moving forward. Every time I close a deal of great magnitude and realize how much effort I have put in working on my own I feel much prouder.

What was the vision behind it?

The dream that motivates my work, carried out with integrity, will of excellence and vocation of service, is to manage to transform the future life of my clients, so that this one is, every day, more prosperous and is better protected. 

Becoming their trusted financial advisor in Bangalore is much more than just working in the service of my clients. My vision is to forge valuable relationships with them, guide them on their path and provide them with the security that they and their families deserve.

I want them to count on me to optimize every rupee of their wealth because they rely on my proven skills to do so. In this way, my goal as a financial advisor transcends into helping successful individuals leave a meaningful legacy.

Describe the services that you offer to your customers and in what ways they are unique?

I am a world-class financial consultant offering a fresh, knowledgeable vision backed by years of expertise into financial plans and efficient strategies for business owner’s family’s economic future.

With almost a decade of learning in the ins and outs of insurance products, my analytical and time management abilities position me ready to tackle almost any challenge. I believe that my knowledge of the industry allows me to build insurance business through my own systems, process, people, and technology.

By my side, dozens of successful businessmen are already on the right path to financial independence, have mitigated the risks of their family economy and have insurance and retirement plants extremely optimized for their situations.

After years of intense learning, I have mastered many branches of insurance, my know-how is far superior to that of other advisors specifically in life insurance product designing and cashflow management. I have literally dedicated my life to understand every single detail of them, and I consider myself one of the most qualified experts in the world in these areas.

What difficulties which you have faced, or you are facing?

Undoubtedly, the entrepreneur’s path is full of difficulties. I have learned to accept them as necessary to improve, and I enjoy each of my challenges as I feel myself becoming a better professional. When I started out, my biggest challenge was to soak up as much knowledge as humanly possible. My main difficulty was getting my prospects to trust in my ability to put these acquired skills into practice, but I managed to overcome it by delivering first-class results and earning the utmost trust of my clients. Now, my goal is simple but challenging: to prove that my remarkably deep insight makes me one of the most efficient life insurance and cash flow experts on the planet.

How do you handle the pressure and manage stress?

I am under a lot of pressure daily, since my clients are very prestigious individuals who demand nothing less than excellence in every outcome, so I must be up to the challenge. The first thing I do is to analyze what triggers my stress and identify which situations make me work under pressure. Only then can I combat it properly. One of the easiest ways to avoid stressful situations is to plan my daily activities according to monthly and weekly goals.

Also, separating my private life from my professional life is fundamental to enjoy my life to the fullest. I usually practice mindfulness and control my negative thoughts, reprogramming my mind towards abundance and happiness.

How do you market your business?

To find prospects, I market my target clients through introductions and referrals. In addition, I always deliver exceptional service to clients who already trust me, achieving cross-sells and up-sells on many occasions.

Moreover, I try to engage with hard-working executives, successful businessmen, bold entrepreneurs, and professionals committed to progressin business networking and community services events.I belong to some world-class mastermind groups that provide me with extremely valuable connections for my business, as well as strategic alliances with some of the best-known advisors in the world who help clients with profiles like mine.

In your opinion what are the keys to success?

I think it depends a lot on what each one considers as “success”. In my opinion, it is essential to follow your passion with consistency and smart work. If it involves helping people to have a better life, so much the better, because you will feel more fulfilled. It helps a lot to be creative, proactive, and open-minded, willing to face the challenges that come your way.

You should always make sure that your family has everything they need and rely on their support and affection to improve your life. Every tree has roots. The strength of the tree is based on the strength of the roots. Your roots are your income, and your trees are your assets. You are the root; your family is the source of inspiration.

What advice would you give to someone starting out as an aspiring entrepreneur?

Aim to be the best. I work every day with the mentality of outworking the rest of advisors to prove that the combination of my talent and thousands of hours of training have made me a reputable expert, and I believe that every entrepreneur should aim high, to be the best. At worst, he or she will come close to being one.

Since I am in the financial field, I would also like to leave a piece of advice that I instill in all my clients: you need to isolate personal and business wealth. I know your business requires more money than ever always and you cannot keep your business starving for cash. But, please, remember carefully: your business and your family must be separate units. If your business fails, it’s ok. But if your family fails along with your business then family won’t allow you to start another one. Think about it.

Why do you think the affluent replace their current advisors?

The dissatisfaction and complexities to poorly handle the financial stuff make the affluent or business owners fire their current advisors. Once they accumulated enough assets, they look for a top financial advisor, possessing the knowledge and professionalism to oversee the complexity of the multi-dimensional aspects of an affluent client.

Being an entrepreneur myself, having handled the restaurant and real estate business, and then came up with the modern insurance concepts and cash flow management tricks. I share many case studies with business owners and affluent on how to grow, preserve, and distribute income across multi-generation while building a meaningful legacy. Here, the wealthy or business owners can trust my financial planning and family office programs and personalized insurance products, and cash flow methods to help them make a shift towards building a great legacy.




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