Premraj Kalapadan, Professional Speaker

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey as an Entrepreneur.

This is the second innings of my life. I spent 38 years in the corporate field with marque companies. Of this, 37 years were spent in the Banking sector both with Public sector and Private sector banks.  I have seen and experienced a lot. In my new stint, I would like to share the learning and my experiences with the up-coming set of leaders.

What attracts you towards entrepreneurship instead of a corporate

I have had my fill of a corporate career. Would like to freelance now and put the learnings of my corporate career into making a difference. I feel Employee Engagement at many of the Corporates can improve. I am on a mission to share my experiences in the hope there will a change in the way employees are treated.

How do you propose to accomplish this mission?

When working in the corporate world, I had always noticed, the staff attrition in areas handled by me was lower than my peers and industry standards. This set me thinking and analyzing as to what I was doing right. Based on this, I have devised a five step process which I call the Blend formula. The Blend formula is an acronym which each of the alphabet representing a step in the process of employee retention.  Would endeavor to have HR managers inculcate this to their management team.

Can you talk a bit about your passion for writing?

From a very young age, I have had a passion for writing. Views expressed by me has been published in leading newspapers and periodicals. In the lockdown period I have co-authored three books. All these books hit the number one spot on the Amazon best-selling list. I am working on three more books which I am confident of churning out this year.

What keeps you going?

The desire to make a difference to society. I am grateful to Society for having been kind to me. Would like to help people accomplish their goals and be happy.

Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of.

At the height of the lockdown, two different platforms approached me to conduct Talk Shows. This was something new. I took it up as a new avenue for my self-expression. I have conducted these Talk shows over the Power Up and Bloom platforms where I have had the opportunity to interact with a host of domestic and international celebrities. As host, I conducted my 50th episode in February 2021.

What advice would you give to someone starting out as an aspiring Entrepreneur?

The advice I would give to an aspiring entrepreneur would be: ‘Be Bold’. Chase your dreams. Don’t be dismayed by toxic people around you. Stay away from the toxic people and surround yourself with growth mindset people. You become the average of the five people closest to you.


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