What’s remarkable about class 10 student Shreyaan Daga is that at just fifteen years, he has turned into an Edtech entrepreneur. Online Learning Live or OLL is his Mumbai based startup and he founded it along with Bhumika Sharma, Payal Pandit and Kushal Ghosh. Online Live Learning as Shreyaan explains is a live marketplace for anyone to teach anything they have an expertise in and for anyone to learn anything they want.

The story behind OLL?

Shreyaan throws light on the subject. ‘When my father’s offline training institute closed during the pandemic, I saw how friends grew distant. Schools also either closed down or transformed into virtual classes and we became aware of millions of educators losing their jobs. That was when this idea occurred to us and with financial assistance from my dad, we created OLL teaming up with people who believed in our vision,’ he informs.  OLL currently operates under Clone Futura, an ed-tech startup in Mumbai which was founded by Shreyaan’s parents Sudarshan Daga and VIdhushi Daga.

What OLL offers?

Teachers from across India can sign into OLL to teach subjects they want and students can sign in to learn these subjects. As of today, OLL  instructors offer training in coding, designing, marketing, languages, creativity and finance. While the target group is people of the ages of 6 to 20 years, Shreyaan states that the marketplace is open to everyone. ‘Our aim is to automate everything, diminish human error and enable the user experience to be smoother and better,’ he informs.

OLL team

OLL has a team strength of 81 members as of now. It includes the original co-founders, seven members who are permanent and 70 members who are freelancers. The instructors are chosen after passing quality testing and they offer students demo classes.  The teachers add in the courses they have expertise in and the students select from amongst the available courses. Shreyaan elaborates on how the three revenue models work for OLL ‘ First is our B2C and B2B certification workshops for students in classes 1 to 12. Second is our revenue sharing model of OLL. And third is our model where OLL trains organisations or particular teams on specific skill sets,’ he states. 

Claiming to have taught 26,000 students till date, Shreyaan informs that OLL’s monthly average revenue is Rs. 24 lakhs and that till date OLL has generated Rs.1.45 crore. ‘We want to attain a revenue of Rs. 5 crores by 31 March 2021 and raise external funding to scale up our operations as well,’ he states. Currently, its competitors are YouTube, Udemy and WhiteHatJr. According to Shreyaan what sets OLL apart is its live classes. Talking about future plans, he informs that OLL plans to go international.


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