Nitin Shakdher, Founder & CEO of Green Capital Single Family Office

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your journey as an investor?

Well, I am the 3rd generation of the Shakdher Family. In 1998, I had a dream to turn into a professional investor and was extremely passionate about equity and capital markets. But it took me 10-15 years to create an investment holding structure, create enough investable capital and in 2014: I created the single family office structure after studying, investing & trading investments over 10-15 years.

It is a journey of luck, blood, sweat, countless hours of practice, burning the midnight oil, and most importantly: extreme focus, dedication towards your own goals and vision for your life.

What attracts you towards turning into a professional investor?

I like Risk & Reward. To become a successful investor: you need to be able to bet big money: both the courage and the patience to see the investment return. You need to be aggressive with your investing strategy yet keep an eye on risk management.

It is also the only profession where your learning, knowledge, research does make a huge difference towards your success. And interestingly enough, you have the whole world and investment opportunities as your playground. And I do love the sheer diversity of investments: public equity, private equity, venture capital, growth capital, real estate, digital assets, alternative investments.

How do you manage investment volatility?

To be the best there is: you need to manage volatility and also thrive from it. We embrace it and understand it to be an integral part of investing: mind control, peak performance, trading psychology and also thought control plays an important part in our process and how we tackle volatility. Sometimes, volatility also throws up some great investing opportunities as well.

How did you come up with the name for your single family office?

Simple: we like the ‘colour of money’ and always being up on investments (though sometimes this is not in my control): and that colour is green: so green capital it was!

What are the challenges do you face as an investor and how do you overcome them?

There is only one challenge: liquidity, liquidity and more liquidity. Keeping dry powder ready to invest is always a challenge: Sometimes, we need to exit a position and invest more in a value position to rotate liquidity.

I might have a ‘fear’ of the investment thesis not playing out the way I thought. However, over the years you learn to take the winners with the losers.

Tell us about some of your best investments till date which have given an outsized return?

Some of the investments that have really done well in the recent past: Zoom, Netflix, Tata Elxsi, CDSL, CAMS, Apollo Hospitals. Most of them have given a return of 24-36 percent on an annual basis cagr to us.

What are your strengths as an investor and how do you overcome any weaknesses?

My strengths are very clear: our reading, analysis, our research, our scuttlebutt approach to investing, our information on companies: we rarely go wrong on this.

Some weaknesses which are currently work in progress: creating peak performance mind outcomes while investing & trading, strengthening psychology to investing goals, thought and mind control are areas that we are working on constantly to improve on.

What advice would you give to someone starting out as an aspiring investor?

You are competing with the best in the world, so try to be the best! Which means extreme passion, focus, willpower, enough capital, research and always have a curious questioning mind which seeks information & more knowledge. Also, build the courage to invest big and practise appropriate risk management measures. Happy Investing!

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