Smoothies are filled with flavor and nutrients and are essentially one of the best breakfast options on offer. Providing a power-packed beginning to the day, smoothies are high on health benefits. They control food cravings, assist in digestion, are a rich source of antioxidants, enhance immunity, enable better sleep, improve skin, detoxify the body and the list of advantages is never-ending. Mumbai-based start-up Shake It has entered the world of smoothies and is making its mark in it. Shake It makes it possible for you to get healthy smoothies free of sugar and preservatives at your doorstep. The venture was started by Karishma Kriplani in 2020.

The story behind Shake It?

Karishma completed her graduation from Los Angeles’s  University of Southern California, majoring in business. After that, she worked at a Venture Capital space in Los Angeles, for a fund in Mumbai and even traded currencies in Singapore. Through it all, she continued to maintain her fitness regime dancing or working out. She always opted for a smoothie after that. But while in LA or Singapore a good protein smoothie was easy to find, in Mumbai it proved difficult. The reason being that the smoothies here lacked in taste, standard and were overpriced. Karishma had found a gap in the market. So, when the pandemic hit, Karishma returned to India from Singapore. Inspired by her parents who are both entrepreneurs Karishma took the plunge and founded Shake It. Dr. Juhi Agarwal, a clinical nutritionist and a physician is also part of her team.

How Shake It is helping people to maintain a healthy diet?

As the ‘being healthy’ revolution takes over, a greater number of people are now demanding to know what’s in their food. But reading the food labels and doing research often leads to disappointment because what you see in an advertisement is not what you get in real life. Karishma says Shake It bridges this gap. ‘In our smoothies, what you see is exactly what you get!’ she states. With an eye on health and taste Shake It offers a diverse menu to its customers. There are low-carb, lactose-free, and vegan-friendly options available. 

Additionally, vitamins and minerals are also blended in the smoothies to make them more nutritious. What’s more, these smoothies have been created to satisfy hunger pangs and remove the craving to snack between meals.  This food-tech start-up uses Spirulina and Collagen which people would otherwise find difficult to incorporate into their diets. It also uses fibre and mineral-rich chia, flaxseeds, and hemp in its smoothies. These are abundant sources of zinc and magnesium.  For good fat or unsaturated fat, Shake It uses nut butter for flavoring. They also use nutritional cacao which is a superfood over the traditional cocoa which they inform is the unhealthier version. 


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