If you are looking to crack into the tough Ivy League colleges or the IIMs, help is at hand! CrackVerbal offers online GMAT training to students not just across India but across countries like Russia, US, Brazil and Singapore besides others. CrackVerbal is an Ed-tech start-up providing online training to students to crack the tough exams and find the right colleges. The company is Bengaluru-based and has already helped over 15,000 students in preparing for their GMAT examinations. It has also helped many amongst these to get admitted into prestigious universities like Wharton, London Business School, Harvard Business School, Stanford, INSTEAD as well as the IIMs and IISBs.

When it was first founded in 2012, the start-up functioned both as a physical classroom and offered the online mode of education as well. However, because of the pandemic, CrackVerbal has now permanently become a digital platform. It has been founded by Arun Jagannathan and Shreekala Kurup. While Arun worked at Talisman, Shreekala worked at HP before deciding to embark on their own start-up journey.

Both husband and wife dreamt that their start-up would enable students to prepare for international competitive exams like GMAT. In doing so they believed that they would help students achieve high scores and thereby secure scholarships in prestigious institutions in India and abroad.

How CrackVerbal helps?

Arun Jagannathan elaborates how by training such a multitude of students in classrooms through the years, they have been enriched. ‘We have developed an in-depth understanding of the exam and admission process; of our customers, customer aspirations, their pain points and most vitally how students learn,’ he states. CrackVerbal as a platform gives these students outcomes that are measurable, tracks their success rates and helps them improve using a blend of human touch and technology.  In the post-pandemic age, CrackVerbal has seen an increased interest from students keen on following higher education.  There have also been a greater number of interactions with students on the CrackVerbal YouTube channel and on its other social media pages. ‘This is happening probably because more and more professionals are now questioning their career direction. A lot of them see getting a Master’s Degree or an MBA from a leading institution beneficial as it gives them global exposure and brand credentials,’ states co-founder Shreekala Kurup.

In 2020, the EdTech start-up has enrolled 2,000 students each of whom pays Rs.30,000/- per year. While students can use the platform to prepare for GMAT by enrolling for live coaching on CrackVerbal’s on-demand, self-paced programme, they can also use the platform to finish their college application process. And while their students are primarily from the country, CrackVerbal is also seeing students from Brazil, Singapore, US, Russia, Oman, Ghana and Philippines show a keen interest in it. 

Arun, founder of CrackVerbal


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