Now you can explore your future career option with the help of a ten-day intensive training programme in various roles.  Making it possible are Sriram Subramaniam and Madhu Agrawal with their ed-tech start-up, Clever Harvey. Founded in early 2020, Clever Harvey hopes to help students take their future careers on a test drive.

The idea was born out of the pain of not knowing as a child what you wanted to become as an adult, says Madhu.

‘As children, we hardly understood what grown-ups do in office and when it was time for us to make decisions, we lacked exposure,’ she adds. In contrast, Clever Harvey aims to provide exposure and knowledge to high school students regarding the career they want to choose through a 10-day immersive programme. In the programme, students learn the core skills and competencies required for that career and then decide whether they want to pursue it or not.

The story behind Clever Harvey?

Clever Harvey has an interesting story of how it got founded. Both Sriram and Madhu had switched varied career by the age of 25 and they realised that with some skillsets it was not a difficult thing to do. Except that they also realised that most students were not aware of what different careers involved. This led to the idea for the start-up.

How Clever Harvey helps?

Clever Harvey offers courses titled Junior MBA, Junior CEO, Junior CTO and Junior CMO of which the final three are most popular. What’s interesting is that around 50 per cent students have enrolled for all three courses offered currently, with Junior CEO course being a favourite. It just shows how highly people regard entrepreneurship these days. It reflects the increasing profiles of start-ups in India. 

The start-up also provides students with an understanding of how companies like Reliance, Flipkart and Cadbury’s work through a couple of quick programmes. Clever Harvey is also thinking of expanding its offerings to include Junior Architect, Junior Game Maker, Junior Graphic Designer as well as Junior Journalist and Junior Lawyer courses in future. 

In addition, Clever Harvey also intends to partner with multinationals to create mini-case-studies based on their organisations as a type of virtual internship for students. According to Madhu, there are already 1000 students enrolled in its initial offering. Surprisingly 45 per cent of its students approximately are from non-metro cities in Gujrat, Assam, Jharkhand, Jammu and Karnataka.

Through its courses, Clever Harvey aims to link up the world of academics with the real world. It hopes to help students develop the necessary skills for success like critical thinking, planning and optimising solutions, spotting patterns, advanced problem solving, budgeting, and innovation. And in doing so, it hopes to give children industrial exposure and help them develop commercial acumen.


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